How to get started with Mountain Biking

Plan on taking your new mountain bike for a spin on the rocky hills? Just make sure you also carry the right kit and to help you with that below in this article I have covered some tips every beginner mountain bike rider will find handy.

Choose the right mountain bike

To begin with there are 3 main kinds of mountain bikes. These are Rigid, Hardtail and Full Suspension.

If you want a low weight, easily affordable bike to ride on easy mountain roads a rigid mountain bike is perfect for you since they have no suspension but if the terrain is slightly rocky then a hardtail mountain bike is what you should buy. These bikes have a front suspension and provide more control.

Plan on riding on a very rocky and difficult terrain? Get full suspension mountain bike. These bikes have suspensions in the front as well as rear and thus offer better control than hardtail bikes.



Get a strong helmet

Thinking of going without a helmet? Well think again. Helmets are a must especially if this is your first mountain ride. Just make sure you buy the right size.

Wondering what the right size is? Well it should neither to too tight nor too loose and ensure that your helmet has a good secure chin strap that does not go over or cover your ears. Also ensure that the helmet does not block your vision.


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Wear the right gloves

Worried about getting soared hands and burns due to the vibrations of your mountain bike? Get a good pair of gloves. Experts often avoid gloves but for beginners it’s as important as their helmet.

Is it too hot for you to wear gloves? Consider getting fingerless gloves. Also remember to try out your gloves before buying them.



Puncture repair tools and kit

Guessing what the biggest risk of riding on rocky terrains is? Well it is ending up with a flat tire or a damaged bike. Now are you looking for ways to avoid this problem? I have the solution for you.

It will be best if you can carry a pump and puncture tool kit with you. Apart from that also take a multi-tool along with you for standard repair jobs. Forgetting to carry them can result in significant time waste.



Carry water bottles

Riding on mountains needs a lot patience and effort and thus you are bound to get tired and this makes staying hydrated very important. So make sure you carry enough water bottles with you. Don’t have enough space for too many bottles?

The best thing you can do is buy a hydration pack. You can store water in these bags and they also come with small pockets to keep other important things such as your phone, some cash, first aid kit etc.



Learn important mountain bike skills

Looking to lose weight loss by cycling?


With easily available fast foods and a busy work schedule it is no surprise that most people have a big belly but are you are tired of it and want to tone it down and get in shape and are considering cycling for it? Then you are in the right place, below in this article I have covered some tips that will help you lose weight by cycling.

Cycle at a constant pace

Cycling does not impact your stomach muscles as much as some of the other workouts. It focuses more on other muscles groups such as your quads or glutes. So why cycle? It is the aerobic attribute of cycling which results in fat loss just as long as you do it at a steady pace.

What’s the right pace? Well as long as you can talk while riding you are doing fine. Make sure you cycle for at least an hour, 4-5 times a week. Cycling at a steady speed burns more calories than cycling at a fast pace.


Interval training can help

Want to do something new? Try out interval training. For interval training you can do 4-5 sets of about 2 minutes each. Remember to rest between each interval for about 20-25 seconds. Once your stamina builds up you can cycle for longer than 2 minutes or increase the number of sets. When you cycle make sure you keep an eye on the traffic.

It would be best you can find a road with low traffic. Interval training will help you shed high amount of calories in a short span of time. Apart from that it will also enhance your metabolism which in turn burns calories.

Do other exercises

Banking on only cycling to lose weight? Well it would be better if find can time for other exercises as well. You can do exercises such as stomach crunches and sit-ups.

Already doing sit ups and crunches? Then try out some other exercises such as lying down cycling. 20 reps of this exercise should be enough to help you get in shape. Apart from that you can also get a rowing machine or a spin bike.


Get your diet right

Are you serious about getting in shape? Then start with your diet. Whether you are cycling or running you need to make sure you get the right diet. If you consume more than what you you’re your cycling sessions are a waste of time.

So what is the best diet? Eat food items that the rich in proteins and carbs such as breads, yogurt, steak etc. rather than foods rich in saturated fats like cheese, butter etc. Just make sure you do not starving yourself. You need to fuel your workouts and that is only possible if you eat right.


Still need More tips?

5 diet mistakes cyclists must avoid




Are you’re cycling routines not effective? Are you not making any progress? Well then the question you should be asking yourself is whether you are eating right or not and to help you with that below in this article I have covered for you some diet mistakes every cyclist must avoid.

Riding without having breakfast

Cycling every morning without having breakfast? Well it’s time you changed your schedule a little because overnight your body remains hungry for 7-8 hours which is quite a long time making breakfast the most important meal of the day.

For better results and a more effective workout it is very important that you eat a good nutritious breakfast. You can eat either a banana or peanut butter with bread or even a yogurt smoothie with fruits.

Long gap between every meal

Eating after long hours of training and other stuff? Well the problem with this is that it increases the chances of you overeating. When you overeat the sugar level in your body rises due to which your body starts storing more fat.

Make sure you eat small amounts of snacks in a short period of time. Love yogurt? Grab some fruits and make a nice yogurt and fruit smoothie or buy a couple of energy bars. These are also great snacks; just ensure they have less added ingredients.


Need a yogurt fruit smoothie recipe?

Excess of fibre

Working out or cycling too hard? Then excess of fibre is a problem you might often face. It’s a common problem for both runners and cyclists who train too hard and mostly arises when blood is moving from your digestive system to your muscles.

Want to avoid it? Eat foods such as porridge, pasta in plain sauce etc. few hours before you go out for a ride especially if you plan on going for a long ride.



Not fuelling while riding

Think it is wrong to eat while on a long ride? Well its actually wrong not to. For a short ride of about 40-45 minutes not fuelling up while riding is not a concern but becomes a concern when you are on a long ride of about 2 hours.

Make sure you plan out your protein and carb intake and buy snacks according to that. I would advise you to take around 40g of carbs every hour.

Not eating after your ride

Are you too tired to eat after a long ride? It is a very common mistake we cyclists make and the problem with this mistake is that it impacts your next riding session negatively. Consider eating either spaghetti with beef or corn etc.

Still too lazy to eat? Well at least grab a glass of juice or even hot chocolate once you are done with your ride.






Durango Bikes Moonshine 650b Mountain Bike review


Do you plan on going mountain biking with your friends over the weekend but are having trouble choosing the right mountain bike? The one I would recommend you to purchase is the Durango Bikes Moonshine 650b mountain Bike.

What the moonshine 650b? It’s because Durango is a well-known cycle manufacturing company and Moonshine 650b is one of its top models. Below in this article I have covered for you all the details you need to know about the Moonshine 650b.

Cornering and capability to descend

One of the best features of the Moonshine 650b is its cornering as well as descending capability which is actually a very important feature of any mountain bike.

The suspension at the back is a dialled horst link and works well with the RockShox Pike fork that comes with a 67 degree head angle. The back of the bike does well even during huge bumps and big hits. The benefit of riding with RockShox is that it offers enhanced pedalling capabilities.



Climbing ability

Wondering if the climbing is as good as the descent? Well absolutely. The horst link at the rear of the bike provides good control while climbing and works well with the mid-stroke assistance of the RockShox Monarch Plus rear shock.

The bike performed well on huge climbs but did an even better job on rougher climbs. Traction as well as suspension of the bike was good. The only concern for me was that the high front end of the bike which make is difficult to get the handlebar position low enough.





The colour of the Moonshine 650b is orange and it comes along with grips and wheel decals of the same color. In case you do not like orange you can opt for any of the 6 different color combinations that are available.

In the standard orange color the bikes got a raw look that I really like and is perfect for mountain riding. Are you looking for something more stylish? Then the Moonshine 650b is not for you.



Drawbacks and solutions

One concern for me was that Moonshine 650b supports no water bottle holder. Apart from that the curved seat tube has an impact on the saddle placement. Worried about hydration? For that you can always carry a hydration bag or a few extra water bottles in your bag pack. So are the drawbacks too much? In my opinion, absolutely not.




The Moonshine 650b bike will cost you more than $1000 and is not a bike for those with a low budget.

Think the price is too high? Well once you use this bike you will know that it is actually worth the money.

Cannondale CAAD8 7 Sora Road Bike Review



Are you in search of your perfect first road bike? Then look no further than the Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora. Why the Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora?

Well because it’s an all-round bike and comes with all important features. Apart from that, it is affordable and perfect for you if your budget is low. Below in this article I have for you all the specs and features of the Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora you should know.

Riding and handling comfort

Hoping for a fast yet comfortable ride? That is exactly what you will get with the Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora. Handling of the bike is perfect for beginner riders and performs really well on the bumpy or dirty road. Apart from that the uphill and downhill handling of the bike was also quite impressive.

Most often cheap road bike are not fast enough. Disappointed? Well don’t be because one of the top features of the Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora is its speed. It’s not only comfortable but also faster than most bikes in the same price range.



Were you hoping to get a strong yet light bike for a low cost? Then the Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora is ideal. Although the bike has a slightly bigger head tube, most of its design is in keeping with the high end models.

The head tube is 170mm tall. Wondering if that’s good? Actually it is because it ensures the handlebars are now too low and yet provide you with smooth handling. The different looking chain stays provide excellent power transfer and absorb most of the shocks on the roads making your ride more comfortable.

The frame is mainly made of aluminium and is available is red and black colours.


Bike Components

This road bike comes with Shimano Sora shifters and derailleurs. Downshift and upshift of the bike is very easy. Other components like the seat post, brakes, handlebars and stem are all manufactured by Cannondale itself and so you can be sure you their quality.

Though the labels are not the best looking the all the parts perform really well together. Expecting easy uphill movement? Well the gear system of the bike ensures you that even on very steep hills. As for tires you get the Maddux RS 3.0 tires with this road bike.



I was quite happy with the overall performance of the bike. Yes it has a few drawbacks which in my opinion are negligible and considering its low cost it is the best option for you. The Cannondale CAA8 7 Sora will cost you less than $1000 which in my opinion is a bargain. The bike offers comfort of a top end bike and functions really smoothly. It is strong and lightweight bike and will last you at least 5-6 years or more if properly maintained.