5 Nutrition Tips for Every Cyclist


Checking out the internet for the best cycling nutritional tips? Well that can often be confusing with so much of info available so to make things simpler for you below in this article I have covered a few tried and tested nutritional tips that helped me out.

Eat the correct quantity of calories

Most often we cyclists eat more than needed especially after a long hard cycling workout. But is it ok to eat more just because we cycle daily? Well absolutely not, especially if you plan to become a professional cyclist or want to lose weight.

So make sure you track your calorie intake and the calories you burn and make necessary changes to your diet plan. Are you unable to track your calorie burning while cycling? Consider getting a good GPS device.

Consume carbs

Running out of energy while cycling? Re-check your carb intake and eat more if it is too low. Carbs are important because they are the main source of energy for your body. Just make sure you keep an eye on your intake because excess of carbs is stored in the body as fat.

Avoid eating to many carbs at one time. It would be more effective if you divide your total intake into few smaller meals throughout the day.


Eat enough proteins

Why do cyclists need proteins? It is because they enhance your immunity system and enable faster recovery which is actually very important. Proteins are quite filling and will help you maintain a check on your diet.

They also help in faster repairing of tissues. So make sure foods such as beans, eggs, fish, low fat dairy products etc. are part of your daily diet.


Consume the right fats

Fats are also crucial for your body. Confused? Well they are but as long as you eat the right fats. Eating the right fats enhances your performance and helps you manage your weight. Wondering what fats are good? Well unsaturated fats such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and also Omega 9 fats are healthy.

It is saturated fats that are bad for your body. Unsaturated fats help in lowering inflammation in the body. They also keep cholesterol levels in check and keep away heart problems. Make sure you consume around 15-20g of good fat each day.


Consume enough vitamins and minerals

Vitamins come in 2 forms, fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat soluble vitamins namely A, D, E and K are vitamins are saved by the body but as far as water soluble vitamins are concerned you need to consume on a regular basis. Why is that? It’s because your body uses them up each time you cycle. Minerals like calcium, iron and zinc etc. should also be part of your daily diet but make sure you do not consume too much. Consider eating fruits and vegetables for the right minerals.



How to Improve Your Race Time


Cycle racing is quite fun and exciting but there are things that you need to do right especially if you are new to racing.

In case you have an upcoming race and you’re planning to win it then you are in the right place.

Below in this article I have covered a few tips that will help you become a better racer and greatly improve your performance.

Eat right

Got an upcoming race? Better pay close attention to your diet. It is crucial for your body that it gets the right quantity and also quality of foods. Eating right keeps your body energised during a race and improves your training sessions as well, just make sure not to overeat. For short races you do not have to concentrate on carb loading.

Keep yourself hydrated

Like eating right, drinking right is also important and more so if you plan on winning the race next day. Avoid drinking a lot of water at once. I would recommend you to drink little water in short periods irrespective of whether you are thirsty or not.

This keeps your body hydrated throughout the day. Water is the best source of hydration and thus you should avoid juices, coffee, tea, any fizzy drinks and especially alcohol.




Have you spent months training for a big event? Well then I would advise that you taper for a week or 2. A day before the big race ensure you go for a small sharp ride of about 5-10 minutes.

This ride will ensure your enzymes remain at a high level which in turn will help you out during the race and keep you going till the end.

Sleep well

Have trouble Sleeping? Well if you are serious about winning the race next day its crucial you get a good night sleep on the night before. This will ensure you are refreshed and motivated on the race day.

A 7-8 hour sleep is a must and thus it is crucial you sleep early. Often racers have trouble sleeping the night before due to anxiety etc. and the best way to avoid it is to keep away your phone and laptop and anything else that can cause disturbance.

Get your bike ready

A day before the race prep up your bike well. Check your bike properly and make all the adjustments you feel are needed. Don’t have the best parts? Stop worrying and make the best of the parts and tools at your disposal. Take your bike for a short ride and check the breaks, gears, handle and seat height etc.

Plan on making a few big changed just before the race? Well if you haven’t tested these changes before it is best you avoid them. Only make changes if you’re sure about them.





My Analysis of Dedacciai Atleta Athena Road Bike


Tire of your old road bike? Want a new high end road bike and budget is not a problem? Then I would suggest you go with the Dedacciai Atleta Athena road bike.

It’s the latest aero road bike in the market. Aero bikes such as the Cervelo S5, Felt AR, Giant Propel have done well in the market and the Atleta Athena is the best so far. Below in this article I have covered all the details you should know about the Atleta Athena.


Wondering what material the top road bikes are made off? Well the material commonly used is carbon fibre and according to Dedacciai it’s exactly what the Atleta Athena is made using. In short the frame of the bike is light yet strong and available in red, black and white.

The downtube of the bike is quite slim when seen from the top but has a thick side profile. The chainstays and fork legs are similarly designed. The short head tube will keep you aware of the direction you are travelling in as it points forward.

Hate bikes with cables running all over? In the Atleta Athena cables are hidden nicely in the frame itself. In few of the early models post slipping was a major problem but with the newly designed clamp and a matt surface to the seat post, the issue has been resolved.



The 11 speed drivetrain and components of the Atleta Athena such as the chainset and brakes used are Campagnolo’s. Campagnolo is one of the best companies in the market is and thus you can be sure of the quality and performance of the drivetrain and other parts. The Atleta Athena weighs just a mere 7.83 kg and is thus easy to store.

Want it to be fast? Well it is fast and changes to the gear system are in keeping with that idea. The wheel are Campagnolo Scirrocco 35 and brakes are more traditionally placed rather than being placed behind the fork close to the bottom bracket a seen is most aero bike.


Riding Comfort

I was hoping was hoping for a quick comfortable ride and that is exactly what I got. The pedalling is smooth and it handles the rough roads really well. In case you plan on going on a long road trip, this is the perfect bike for you. Why? It’s because even after long rides you won’t feel tired

Even the uphill and downhill handling of the bike was amazing. The Dedacciai stem, bars and seat post along with Selle Italia saddle and Rubino Pro tyres make the ride quite relaxing and fun.


Loved the features and comfort the bike offers? Well you might not like the price tag which is around $2500. Though it might seem too much you need to keep in mind that this is one of the best aero road bikes and its features and specs are top notch and worth the money you spend on it.

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How to get started with Mountain Biking

Plan on taking your new mountain bike for a spin on the rocky hills? Just make sure you also carry the right kit and to help you with that below in this article I have covered some tips every beginner mountain bike rider will find handy.

Choose the right mountain bike

To begin with there are 3 main kinds of mountain bikes. These are Rigid, Hardtail and Full Suspension.

If you want a low weight, easily affordable bike to ride on easy mountain roads a rigid mountain bike is perfect for you since they have no suspension but if the terrain is slightly rocky then a hardtail mountain bike is what you should buy. These bikes have a front suspension and provide more control.

Plan on riding on a very rocky and difficult terrain? Get full suspension mountain bike. These bikes have suspensions in the front as well as rear and thus offer better control than hardtail bikes.



Get a strong helmet

Thinking of going without a helmet? Well think again. Helmets are a must especially if this is your first mountain ride. Just make sure you buy the right size.

Wondering what the right size is? Well it should neither to too tight nor too loose and ensure that your helmet has a good secure chin strap that does not go over or cover your ears. Also ensure that the helmet does not block your vision.


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Wear the right gloves

Worried about getting soared hands and burns due to the vibrations of your mountain bike? Get a good pair of gloves. Experts often avoid gloves but for beginners it’s as important as their helmet.

Is it too hot for you to wear gloves? Consider getting fingerless gloves. Also remember to try out your gloves before buying them.



Puncture repair tools and kit

Guessing what the biggest risk of riding on rocky terrains is? Well it is ending up with a flat tire or a damaged bike. Now are you looking for ways to avoid this problem? I have the solution for you.

It will be best if you can carry a pump and puncture tool kit with you. Apart from that also take a multi-tool along with you for standard repair jobs. Forgetting to carry them can result in significant time waste.



Carry water bottles

Riding on mountains needs a lot patience and effort and thus you are bound to get tired and this makes staying hydrated very important. So make sure you carry enough water bottles with you. Don’t have enough space for too many bottles?

The best thing you can do is buy a hydration pack. You can store water in these bags and they also come with small pockets to keep other important things such as your phone, some cash, first aid kit etc.



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Looking to lose weight loss by cycling?


With easily available fast foods and a busy work schedule it is no surprise that most people have a big belly but are you are tired of it and want to tone it down and get in shape and are considering cycling for it? Then you are in the right place, below in this article I have covered some tips that will help you lose weight by cycling.

Cycle at a constant pace

Cycling does not impact your stomach muscles as much as some of the other workouts. It focuses more on other muscles groups such as your quads or glutes. So why cycle? It is the aerobic attribute of cycling which results in fat loss just as long as you do it at a steady pace.

What’s the right pace? Well as long as you can talk while riding you are doing fine. Make sure you cycle for at least an hour, 4-5 times a week. Cycling at a steady speed burns more calories than cycling at a fast pace.


Interval training can help

Want to do something new? Try out interval training. For interval training you can do 4-5 sets of about 2 minutes each. Remember to rest between each interval for about 20-25 seconds. Once your stamina builds up you can cycle for longer than 2 minutes or increase the number of sets. When you cycle make sure you keep an eye on the traffic.

It would be best you can find a road with low traffic. Interval training will help you shed high amount of calories in a short span of time. Apart from that it will also enhance your metabolism which in turn burns calories.

Do other exercises

Banking on only cycling to lose weight? Well it would be better if find can time for other exercises as well. You can do exercises such as stomach crunches and sit-ups.

Already doing sit ups and crunches? Then try out some other exercises such as lying down cycling. 20 reps of this exercise should be enough to help you get in shape. Apart from that you can also get a rowing machine or a spin bike.


Get your diet right

Are you serious about getting in shape? Then start with your diet. Whether you are cycling or running you need to make sure you get the right diet. If you consume more than what you you’re your cycling sessions are a waste of time.

So what is the best diet? Eat food items that the rich in proteins and carbs such as breads, yogurt, steak etc. rather than foods rich in saturated fats like cheese, butter etc. Just make sure you do not starving yourself. You need to fuel your workouts and that is only possible if you eat right.


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